Will Rogers Memorial Center - Order Form

Step 1 - Contact Info

Service Details

Step 2 - Telephone Services

- For fax machines and for voice calls that require long distance service. The service includes unlimited local calls, access to toll free numbers, and long distance service to the continental United States. If you require long distance service to another country please call two weeks before your show date for current rates and details. A deposit is required on lines enabled for international calling.

- Use with multiple telephone lines to direct callers to the first available line.

Step 3 - Internet Services

Hard-Wired Internet

- Public IP Address, used often for VPN connections and is not protected by a firewall

Step 4 - WiFi Services

About our WiFi System

1) We recommend the use of the "Secure" wireless network. The encryption code to connect to this network is "longhorn".
2) By default, and in order to prevent hacking and viruses, devices on the publicly available WiFi network will not be able to communicate between each other. For this reason printers will not work on this WiFi Network
3) The preferred mode of communications is in the 5Ghz 802.11a/n/ac wireless spectrum. Devices using a 2.4Ghz wireless network card will not be able to connect.
4) The only support for streaming video (i.e. YouTube, Hulu, etc) is through a Platinum WiFi Pass or Custom WiFi Network. NetSteady strongly recommends the use of a dedicated hard-wired network connection for these services. For pricing or information, please call 888-295-0567.
5) Refunds will not be given for any service issues not reported to NetSteady by phone (614-345-5000) or email (support@netsteady.com) before or during the event.
6) Willfully attempting to communicate or connect to any other device which is not owned by you is grounds for disconnection without refund.
7) Your username and password will be emailed to you the day before service is to begin. If you are ordering on the day you need service, please allow one hour for processing.

Your WiFi service starts at 12:01am on the service activation date and continues for however many days you select.

Each WiFi pass allows two devices online at the same time. For more than two devices, add an additional WiFi Pass

Step 5 - Other Services

Premium Technical Services

- NetSteady has on-site computer technicians available to help with everything from getting connected to fixing computer problems.

Television/Video Service

TV Services (with livestream feeds, if available)

Equipment Rental

Rental of a 42 inch television. TV Service not included

Rental of a standard telephone handset

Rental of a network connected printer for your booth

Rental of a Android Tablet device. WiFi Service not included

Rental of a 8in Windows 8.1 Tablet device. WiFi Service not included

Rental of a Windows 10 computer with keyboard and mouse. Internet Service not included

Rental of a network switch to connect multiple computers in the same booth. Network service not included